HELLOO….I am Manuel.I completed my Bachelors Degree in Economics from St.Thomas College Pala.I hail from Narkilakkad ,a typical village in Kasargod,the northernmost district of Kerala.I did my primary education at M.G.M.U.P.S Kottamala.I had my High School and Higher Secondary education from V.H.S Varakkad.I would like to pursue my higher studies in Economics and would like to become an Economist and contribute to the development of our nation.I am very much interested in sports and games and volleyball and cricket are my favourite games.I am a state level volleyball referee and officiating volleyball matches is one of my interests.I like to watch movies and critically appraise them.Gladiator,Children of Heaven,Apocalypto,Troy,Sooryamanasam,Pithamahan etc.are some of my favourite movies.
During my college days I used to participate in intercollegiate Quiz competitions,especially Business Quiz competitions.It has helped me a lot to gain lot of fresh knowledge and has won me lot of friends all over Kerala.Apart from that quizzing has helped me to increase my confidence level as well as observation power.
                      Reading books is another hobby of mine.M.T.Vasudevan Nair’s Nalukettu is my favourite book.I also like to read the works of Desteyovsky,Chetan Bhagat,O.V.Vijayan,Bennyamin etc..The book which caught my attraction in recent time is “Francis Ittikkora” by T.D.Ramakrishnan.It was a kind of attempt never seen before in Malayalam literature.I would suggest all book lovers to read this wonderful book.


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